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We are a sub broker of an open ended fund managers brokers authorized and registered in Nigeria as a Unit Trust Scheme under Section 160 of the Investment and Securities Act, we invest in currency market to capital investment market and we trade on behalf of our investors rewarding them juicy increase in profit alongside their invested amount, We have been in business for the past 2 (two years), but we were just a group of foreign exchange traders, now we are expanding our horizons, creating new opportunities, achieving new goals and enriching smiles.

ZTH is a company committed to growth – we enrich the smile of each and every one of our users.

We work with a diversified clientele, consisting of private clients, small businesses, financial institutions expatriates, corporations and governments. Every relationship is built on a true partnership and underpinned by ZTH’s growth philosophy.

The use of three colors – with its continuous colouring pattern – is a visual symbol of this philosophy. Not only does it reflect the real-life application of the inedependency in color ratio* but it is relevant to the;3 safe harbouring of management and finances.

While every color is identifiable by its miraculous shape, each one is different. It is with this in mind that we create solutions that are relevant and add value to the specific needs and goals of each one of our clients.

Investment Plans

Fx Currency Trading

We employ experts who execute deals on behalf of our clients on the floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Gtbank Plc OTC Exchange, Fidelity OTC Exchange in equities, fixed income and unquoted securities, giving back interest of 15% on every investment monthly.

Note: The invested capital will not be accesible for a period of three month, but the interest will be added to the wallet monthly T&C applies.

Asset Management Services

We provide a spectrum of wealth management solution designed to help our clients acquire wealth and grow it, use and enjoy it, protect and pass it on.

Note: Prices of property may vary due to geographical zones.

Capital Markets

We employ financial institutions expatriates and governments officials experienced in capital market to trade long over due debt in equity for our users with fixed return of 25% monthly for a period of 12 (Twelve) months on each investment, the users will get 25% of their invested capital monthly for a period of twelve month.

Note: The invested capital will be liquidated by the company to preserve the interest of the capital market after the twelveth month, i.e the invested capital is gone after 12 months.

Stock Market

We provide access to investment offers in shares and valuable stocks in both NSE and NYSE, we ensure our users get back interest of 80% quarterly on a spread of 12 months.

Note: The invested capital will be liquidated by the company to preserve the interest of the stock market after the twelveth month, i.e the invested capital is gone after the fourth (4) payment of interest.

We are the connecting bridge, we basically don’t allow a total loss when you allow us connect you with a broker, we make sure you get your profit and in situations when there is full market loss, we take it upon ourselves to give you back 100% of what you have invested through us as a 3rd party investor planner on spread of 5(five)-8(eight) weeks.

We are a leading Financial Services company, licensed as Brokers/Issuing House and Fund/Portfolio Managers by The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).
We are registered and regulated by LISH ZTH; we are licensed and authorized by CAC (corporate affair commission) with registration number RC3160944. We partner with the top three brokers in Nigeria, FXTM, PRICEACTIONLTD and FBS.

Ethical code of conduct